Saturday, November 11, 2006

Pomegranate Wine

A friend from work, Aiden, asked me the other day if I knew of any wineries that produced Pomegranate wine, I told him I'd look into it because I hadn't heard of one.

The word pomegranate is derived from French pome garnete and means "seeded apple." There are over 800 seeds in one pomegranate, they're tasty but so hard to eat with all those layers between the seeds.

Interestingly enough, there are a few places around the world that produce pomegranate wine. There is a winery in Armenia that produces a semi-sweet pomegranate wine, which I would really like to taste.

The history behind the pomegranate is also quite interesting. The fruit has been used throughout history as symbols of fertility, hope, and royalty. In Greek Mythology, they believe that Aphrodite, the goddess of love, planted it on the isle of Cyprus. Due to the number of seeds in each pomegranate the fruit was connected with procreation and abundance.

One article I found was particularly interesting shows the super-health benefits of pomegranates. The article says that 100 ml of pomegranate juice has 3 times the antioxidants of 100 ml of red wine or 100 ml. of green tea. Researchers say that if you eat pomegranates daily for a long period of time, the fruit's antioxidants may help to prevent hardening of the arteries. If only they weren't so hard to eat! I better get some pomegranate wine.

The wine is said to be similar in taste to something between a blush and a dessert wine.
There is a winery in Israel that produces pomegranate wine as well called the Rimon winery. Rimon is hebrew for pomegranate.


Lyn said...

Hi Andrea - I e-mailed your blog address to Val, 'cause she's so fond of pomegranates. Lyn

Anonymous said...

I think you should also give some additional information about Rimon winery. You can find it in our web site: since we are marketing this wine around the world to importers.

Best wishes and great health

andrea said...

I checked out that site, but it didn't really have a lot of information. If you could send some info that'd be great. I just started working at a new restaurant in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in Canada and we might be interested in serving your pomegranate wine there. If you could send me some info that'd be great.



Anonymous said...

Chatham Hill Winery in North Carolina (US) started selling a SUPER Pomegranate wine in the fall of 2006. I am hooked. It's great and reasonably priced.

Mary Ann
Bethesda, MD US

Pomegranate_Wine said...

Dear Andrea,

Thank you for your wise words about the pomegranate wine and its health benefits! This by the way is Aiden from the Washington D.C. International Wine & Food Festival. The question that you had asked me about finding our product in Canada still lingered in my head even after the event, then surfing the internet I was able to locate your blog!

At this time we are currently expanding our business throughout the US and beyond to Canada. We are currently in the process of constructing a website so that everyone can check out our history of our country's (South Korea) pomegranate and grade A+ apples. Please email me information as to what city you live in Canada so that as soon as we have a forewarding company in Canada, you should be able to find our product.

I would love to hear back from you.

Aiden Hwang

S. Olson said...

You can now order Rimon Winery pure pomegranate wine online at:

New Israeli Winery Introduces First 100% Pomegranate Dessert Wine to the US -
A Great New Wine for the Holiday Season

Moshav Kerem Ben Zimra, Israel – Rimon Winery, a new Israeli winery and producer of the world’s finest pure pomegranate wines, has released a new limited production pomegranate dessert wine in the US market – a unique new wine perfect for the holiday season. The winery also makes a pure pomegranate dry wine and port-style wine, which it plans to release in the US by the end of 2007 or early next year.

“Rimon Winery has perfected the art of making pomegranate wine,” said Yoav Gilat, Managing Partner of Cannonball Wine & Spirits, exclusive US representative for Rimon Winery. “Its gold medal-winning wines have been very well received around the world and we are very pleased to finally be able to share them with American wine enthusiasts – especially during the holiday season. We think they’ll agree, they are some of the most innovative and impressive wine products on the market today.”

Unlike other pomegranate alcoholic beverage products on the market, Rimon wines are not flavored alcohol. They are actual wines made by virtually the same processes as grape-based wines: harvested at optimum ripeness and crushed for their juices, fermented at low temperatures in stainless steel tanks to preserve the fruit’s natural qualities, and then aged in French oak barrels.

What sets this wine apart is its unique flavor derived from a new variety of pomegranate developed by father and son Gaby and Avi Nachmias, owners of Rimon Winery. “The Nachmias family, a third generation farming family, has cultivated a ‘super fruit’ that is sweeter, deeper in color, and richer in vitamins and antioxidants than other pomegranate varieties,” said Gilat. “Their pomegranates are the only ones in the world that have enough natural sugars to produce wine on their own. The result is wine of exceptional clarity, rich color and exotic aromas and flavors.”

Rimon Winery’s dessert wine was the first pure pomegranate wine produced by the Nachmias family and is now the first to be introduced to US wine drinkers – just in time for the holiday season. “Pomegranate products, with their healthful attributes, have become increasingly popular and are especially popular during the holidays. With its unique qualities, Rimon Winery Dessert Wine is sure to be a hot item at holiday celebrations across the nation.”

Rimon Winery is located in the Upper Galilee region of Israel. It sits on a basalt plateau nearly 3,000 feet above sea level, nestled in the heart of a thriving pomegranate orchard. The winery’s owners and winemakers are father and son Gaby and Avi Nachmias, who specialize in cultivating premium pomegranate fruit and producing pure pomegranate wine of the highest quality. All Rimon Winery wines are made using traditional winemaking techniques to produce world-class, Kosher wines made from 100 percent pure pomegranate that retain the succulent flavors and healthful properties of the pomegranate fruit even after it has been fermented into wine. All Rimon Winery wines are produced at Rimon Winery’s state-of-the-art winemaking facility, which includes special pomegranate separation and pressing equipment, stainless steel fermentation tanks, and a barrel room where the wines are aged in classic French oak barrels. Rimon Winery wines include: Rimon Winery Dessert Wine 500ml (SRP $38), dry wine 750ml (SRP $42), and a port-style wine 750ml (SRP $44). For more information about Rimon Winery, visit

Anonymous said...

Alternately, you could make your own. Making wine is just like cooking, don't be intimidated :-)

Yoav said...

Hi Andrea,

I thought you would like to know that Tara Q. Thomas Managing Editor, Wine & Spirits Magazine choose Rimon Desset Wine 2005 as her wine of the week!
The review for the Rimon dessert wine ran in today's Denver Post; here's the link:

Drink to your health...for your health!

pomwine said...

We have been selling Pomegranate wine in Wisconsin for tree years, it is our number one product. It is also available in IL, NC,TN, TX, NV, CO and CA. John Bycheck 414-303-5288 or

purple foot fred said...

Hinnant Family vineyards in Selma North Carolina is selling a Pomegranate Wine that is (in my humble opinion) excellent.

This is the first year they have offered it and I'm not sure how or where they are getting the ingredients as I've been unable to find any to make my own.

Right now I'm buying pomegranate juice from Ocean Spray and adding it to my Green Apple Reisling recipe. Add a bottle of Pomegranate Liquor after stablizing the wine and Whalaaa.

Anonymous said...

Casa de Fruta in Hollister California produces a pomegranate wine since 1980. The wine is available online at

Anonymous said...

Dear Andrea,
I am a resident of tampa bay, florida. Formerly I lived in New Jersey, and discovered a wonderful winery that specializes in sweet pomegranate wine called Balic Winery or They are former serbian immigrants in Mays Landing, New Jersey. The wine is fantastic. They ship wherever allowed in the US and Canada.
Good Luck! Brent

swapy said...

hi Andrea myself swapnil i m from India. I m working on the production of medicinal important pomegranate wine. so can you help me in my project by providing any information about the production of pomegranate wine. said...

I tried the Casa de Fruta Pomegranate Wine and found it very tasty! I bought two 750 ml bottles at and they were shipped quickly. I will definitely order more very soon! The service was excellent!

sarah said...

Super fruit 100% pomegranate wine from Rimon causes a scene at Waitrose

Shoppers in Waitrose forgot about the country’s current financial woes as they flocked to buy the Rimon 100% pomegranate dessert wine that was available to taste in-store for the first time at the weekend.

The supermarket was inundated with requests for the wine as customers were seduced by the natural pomegranate flavour, with its ripe cherry notes and chocolate tones. Made using traditional winemaking techniques, Rimon wine retains its full pomegranate flavours and uber-healthy features – which make a virtue out of buying wine at a time when purse strings are strained.

Sales of Rimon wine went through the roof as customers tasted the rare and original wine made from the king of fruit. One shopper is quoted as saying:”I know pomegranates are incredibly good for you but to think that all the goodness gets transformed into such amazing wine is phenomenal – the ultimate gift and treat for yourself !”

The world’s youngest Master of Wine and Waitrose’s very own wine buyer, Ken Mackay, says: "Pomegranates have been a big hit with Waitrose shoppers, so we are pleased to be the first UK retailer to offer Rimon Winery's Pomegranate Dessert Wine. This wine is a perfect after-dinner drink for the autumn and winter. It matches well with fruit puddings, such as crumble, and will be a delicious accompaniment to a cheese board".

Note to editors:

Serve chilled at about 12° to 16°C – delicious with cheese, rich desserts and will make an incredibly original Christmas present and dinner party accompaniment. Rimon Dessert wine available at Waitrose RRP for a limited period only at £14.99

Rimon dessert wine, Port Style and dry pomegranate wine available from

For information, images, samples please contact Clémence de Crécy, Fiona Dunne or Alexandra Gerolami at Clementine Communications on : 0870 732 3015

Or Email:

sarah said...


The only wine in the world made from 100% pomegranate
Discover the world’s only 100% pure pomegranate wine this festive season
With a 2006 dessert wine from Israel’s Rimon winery

Michael Dalal, CEO of Umasbia ltd, Europe exclusive representative for Rimon Winery, “ Rimon Winery has perfected the art of making pomegranate wine. It is gold medal winning have been very well received around the world and we are very pleased to finally be able to share them with the UK wine enthusiasts. We think they’ll agree, they are some the most innovative and impressive wine products on the market today.”

Do you like to relax with a soothing finish to your dinner with dessert?
The Rimon Winery has combined creativity with passion with its 2006 pomegranate dessert wine. The unique blend encourages wine lovers to look deeper into pomegranate wine.
This innovative pomegranate dessert wine is made purely from 100% pomegranate juice with no added sugar, a light yet sweet wine with fruity aromas and bright cherry flavours. Beautiful wine that attract the eye with superb clarity and rich colour and warm the heart with remarkable and unique flavors Packed with antioxidants the wine is also a source of vitamins and minerals produced from a unique variety of pomegranate specially cultivated by the Nachmias family to have natural sugars equivalent to that of grape varieties used for winemaking. Each Rimon wine is produced using traditional winemaking techniques, which also preserves the pomegranate's succulent flavors and healthful attributes
Is there a better way to combine pleasure and health?!
For the perfect food to complement the wine, Michael Dalal suggests: “This soft and harmonious wine is perfect to combine with cheese board or dessert treat such as truffles. And why not mix it with champagne and pomegranate seeds for a sparkling Christmas cocktail”
All Rimon wines witch include a dry, dessert and port style pomegranate wines are produced according to the highest quality winemaking standards and all are certified Kosher.
Notes to Editor: Serve chilled at about 12° to 16°C.
Available from October 2008 at Waitrose nationwide or from the website
Prices start from £14.99

Vikas said...


bjd said...

Hi all --- is am asking what are the regulations for selling and shipping wine on the internet and interstate? I too love pomegranate wine but am concerned about the regulations? must a company be licensed to sell wine on the internet? is this a federal liquor license? what are the guidelines? what agency does this? I am curious.

lcap said...

hi Andrea , i would love to know if you have found any of the wine locally sold , we live in kelowna and would love to know


bill said...

I recently returned from a trip to SC. There I purchased a bottle of Pomegranate wine from Armenia. It was at a Kroger store and was $9.99 Very tasty, on the sweet side and would be good with burgers, pizza, etc. My wife put an ice cube in hers and it was good.

eddie cardona said...

I fond a place in Califoria call
Casa de Fruta. They have big selection of wines and fruits and
yes they have pamogranet wine.
My problem is that I am in Texas
and they can't ship to Texas.
How would I be able get it here?


Anonymous said...

Correction I know how to get there.
How can I get thier wine in Dallas Texas?

Steven said...

What do you think?



Fine Wine Sellers

am hot............ said...

I want detail information of wine prepared from pomegranate as i want to start my own project my email is please give me the required information

Anonymous said...


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Joseph said...

I just bought a bottle of pomegranate wine made in Moldova for $7.99, Original price $9.99 from Sprouts Farmers Market Store in Plano, Texas. It tastes like other wine but not too strong.

Anonymous said...

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